For designers

Instantly turn any part of a design into a QR Code -
Visualead's Visual QR Code Generator enables you to instantly and seamlessly merge any part of an image into a QR code.
It's quick & easy and can be done in only three simple steps. All you have to do is select the image or design of your choice, define your QR Code’s destination and place the QR Code onto the desired location within your design.
The Visual QR Code Generator will then automatically embed the QR Code into your image, exactly where you designated it to be. Instead of relying on unappealing black and white QR Codes, you now have the option to merge a QR Code into any design that best fits your needs, creating a colorful and inviting way to attract your customers.

No QR knowledge is required; All QR Codes are verified automatically -
You don't need to understand how QR Codes work, or worry whether they will scan properly. Most handmade Custom QR Codes are difficult to make and it is often even more difficult to ensure their scannability with all the hundreds of QR Codes readers on the market.
Unlike most handmade Custom QR Codes, our Visual QR Codes are automatically passed through our meticulous QA in order to ensure maximum scannability. Remember to follow our short guidelines that are described here

Support for high resolution images -
Visualead’s technology supports most image formats, RGB and CYMK, including both low and high resolution (DPI).
You can upload the image that you have designed with your favorite image editor, turn any part of it into a QR Code and then download the newly created Visual QR Code, all without comprising its original dimensions, format and resolution.

Transparency support -
Merging a QR Code into an image doesn’t have to affect the transparency features of the image.
The area containing the QR Code square area cannot be transparent so that it can still be scannable, but the rest of the design will retain its original features, including transparency.

Personal dashboard to better view and edit all QR Code designs -
All the QR Code designs that you have created are saved on your personal dashboard.
You can view and download all of your QR Codes and continue to edit their destinations even after you have printed them. So don’t worry about QR Code URL typo mistakes, you can always correct them.

For Marketers & Advertisers

Create colorful and enticing QR Codes -
Using Visualead’s technology, you can start designing visual, attractive calls-to-actions that increase CTR from print to mobile.
Visual QR Codes have a greater impact than black and white QR Codes and increase scanning by at least 25%. Visual QR Codes combine the Visual design that people LOVE with the QR Code call-to-action that people KNOW, creating an effective, eye-catching call-to-action that draws the customer attention and invites them to make the leap from print to mobile.

Create branded and custom QR Codes -
You can turn any image, including logos or other brand designs into a working QR Code, letting your customers feel that they are connecting and engaging with your brand and not with a code.
Merging the QR Codes with a visual and familiar brand increases the customers' confidence and desire to interact with a code.

Track and Edit your QR Code -
When using Visualead’s technology, you can track and edit all of your Visual QR Code campaigns.
You can change the QR Code destination at any time, even after you have printed the campaign. In addition, the diverse range of analytics that is at your disposal allows you to review your QR Code’s performance in various areas such as the number of daily scans it has generated, its most popular locations and many more.

Personal dashboard to view and manage all of your QR Code designs -
Any QR Code design campaign that you have created is saved for you on your personal dashboard.
You can use your dashboard in order to edit your campaign, review important analytics about its performance and share it with others.

For Businesses

Make a statement with unique, unforgettable QR Codes -
Visualead enables you to create distinctive, expressive QR Code designs like you’ve never seen before.
Forget using regular, boring black and white QR Codes - Now you can use any design, image or logo to attract and invite your customers to increase interaction with your offline to online campaigns.
Don’t be square; stand out with your individualized, memorable Visual QR Code.

Its Quick & Easy, No QR knowledge is required -
Creating a Visual QR Code is quick & easy: All you need is an image, such as your logo, and in 60 seconds you can transform it into a fully working, designed QR Code.
Say no more to complicated, hard to make, hand-crafted QR Codes; when using our technology, any image you choose can easily be turned into a QR Code, in an instant.

Personal dashboard to view and manage all or your QR Codes -
Any QR Code design campaign that you have created is saved for you on your personal dashboard.
You can use your dashboard in order to edit your campaign, review important analytics about its performance and share it with others.

Visual QR Code API for creating QR Codes on a large scale -
When using Visualead’s Visual QR Code API, you can quickly and easily integrate the Visual QR Code technology into your services and products and offer your clients attractive, colorful QR Codes to interact with instead of standard, drab black and white ones.
Click here for more info about our API.