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After several years spent as consultant in one of the leading companies in IT solutions for business, SAP, across the world, from Japan to Germany, Netizen founders decided to bring back their expertise in their home country, Thailand. These roots brought knowledge in IT business and also a deep understanding of worldwide business from Japan through Thailand to Europe. They created Netizen with the purpose of filling in the gap between IT and business. Netizen was really born, with innovation, challenges and customer care as pillars. Focused mainly on SAP solutions for Japanese account and automotive during its first years, Netizen learnt from this partnership the SAP Best Practices. The experience we gained by being a SAP service partner is the foundation of the services we provide nowadays. We are always looking for the best solution and the best way to bring it to you. We faced and overcame many challenges through the years from external environment but also technical sources, by always relying on our strong corporate culture. To stick to our values, we created new partnership with world leaders in their field, we are proud to be able to offer you the solution which will fit perfectly your needs and so bridge the gap between IT and Business. We continue to strive to innovation and high quality services and so go hand in hand with our customers. For the thirteen past years, we have built a solid company, with a continuous financial growth thanks to an increasing customer database. We truly believe that building trustable relationship with our customers is the key of the success for the two sides.

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